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We are MAN Digital. We train and mentor B2B SaaS & Software Houses in advanced growth marketing. Also we dive into building offers, ads, landing pages, funnels and account based markeitng to improve your overall growth. Chat with us about our programs.

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Hosted by MAN Digital (We're the team that trains and consults the fastest-growing tech business in advanced growth marketing funnels based on data, not hunches.) 

B2B Outbound Sales Tactics w/ Albacross

Learn directly from Marcus Svensson, Head of Growth at Albacross, growth strategies for your tech company. Join us live to get info on how to level up your ABM strategies and shorten your sales cycle. It will be an interactive webinar with lots of questions. So buckle up and save your seat for June 23rd!


Strategic Stories to Close B2B Deals in Tech w/ NewSpark

Learn how smart storytelling helps you seal the deal in B2B directly from Yonatan Kagansky, an expert in Strategic Business Stories and Brand Narratives. Join our webinar to learn how to engage people, to get them excited about your product and to buy from you. See you on July 16th!

Buyer Personas for B2B Tech w/ Project People

Beata Mosór-Szyszka is a Lean Marketing Strategist and the CEO of Project People. She has massive experience in helping companies define their personas, products, services and craft experiments. Scaling up businesses is her goal. Meet her July 2nd and get ready with questions! Save your seat below.

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The live webinars are hosted on Crowdcast by Romeo Man of MAN Digital. Sales by heart 💌 in a marketing body 💪 under the learning and development umbrella ⛱. Writes for Magazine Startus.CC growth interviews, worked for organizations like AIESEC, Electrolux, DHL, Farnell with 10+ yrs experience in sales and marketing. A tool and automation geek, but at the same time a believer that there is no marketing without storytelling. Mentors at Google Launchpad

✓ For marketers, heads of growth, SME CEOs that want to build a growth team ✓ Learn the advanced tactics that are proven by hundreds of hours of work and tons of ad spent ✓ 45-minute webinars ✓ Engage directly with the guests. ✓ Try to attend live to get your specific answers

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12:30 PM (CET)


B2B Outbound Sales Tactics: Albacross

With Marcus Svensson, Head of Growth at Albacross, marketing, growth & SaaS geek, and Romeo Man, Managing Partner at MAN Digital




Webinar Date


12:30 PM (CET)


Buyer Personas in B2B Tech: Project People

With Beata Mosór-Szyszka, CEO & Strategist at Project People. and Romeo Man, Managing Partner at MAN Digital.



Webinar Date


12:30 PM (CET)


Strategic Stories that Close B2B Deals in Tech

With Yonatan Kagansky, branding and strategic narratives expert, and Romeo Man, Managing Partner at MAN Digital.



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Past Live Webinars

Hosted by MAN Digital. Talk to us about our progams. 

Hands-on Tech Marketing, Sales & Branding Insights w/ Marcos Bravo from Live Chat

The marketing evangelist and brand ambassador of LiveChat will join us to teach us not only how LiveChat grew into one of the most successful startups in Poland (mentioned at Davos by the president of Poland) but also how he helped software houses like Divante and Tooploox grow to where they are today. Marcos has a massive experience that needs to be squeezed of know-how and asked a bunch of questions.

How to Ramp Up Your Employer Brand w/ Anca Pintilie, from WFS, Europe (Amazon), ex-Revolut, ex-Oracle

Learn directly from Amazon WFS Europe's Head of Marketing & Employer Branding, ex- Global Head of Employer Branding in Revolut, how to strengthen your employer brand. What are the trends in the industry? How can you make a great employer branding strategy for your organization? It will be an interactive webinar with a bunch of questions. So make a list of what you wanna learn and don't be afraid to ask questions during the streaming. 

B2B Sales Enablement & Social Selling: w/ Olga Barańska from Salesforce

Olga Barańska from Salesforce will help you level up your sales enablement and social selling skills. Because in B2B every conversation matters. Join us for a webinar to find out how to make the most out of every selling conversation and how to empower your sales team to close fast valuable customers.

Growth Study /w Irina Scarlat, Revolut CEE Head of Growth, ex-Uber

Learn directly from the Head of Growth from CEE how Revolut runs its growth team and how did they grew into a unicorn startup, with almost no budget. Irina was the main growth driver of Revolut on the Romanian market (the second most important market after the UK). In the second half of 2019, the customer base grew by 400%, reaching 1 million. Irina Scarlat also shared her professional experience and how she developed her marketer skills.

B2B Customer Acquisition and Conversion w/ Bart Pielaszek -, ex-Tagvenue

How to enhance your B2B customer acquisition & conversion? When A/B tests are failing you (due to low sample sizes and months-long sales cycles) the Lean Analytics Cycle model can come to the rescue. Bart shared insights from working with tech startups, SMBs, Fortune 500 companies like, Nestle, Swanky Smiles, Yara, Naughty America, Voxer, Blockspring,, It's time to listen to stories behind +560 A/B/n tests run + $5.2m media spend (positive ROI).

How To Create a Minimum Viable Customer ? w/ Unbounce

When running business for your product or service, your first priority is making sure you are a potential customer’s first choice. Your second priority is to retain these customers for as long as possible by implementing continued value. Give your sales team the opportunity to prove your business’ initial value by making sure new customers get as much support as possible. Most importantly, learn the benefits of expanding your sales activities past the initial sale to create a MVC.  

How to Stand Out Among Other Software Houses? w/ Salesflare

You'll learn how to interview your customers to figure out why and how they choose you? Jobs to be Done: How to figure out how to help your prospects get their "jobs" done? Positioning: How to make customers prefer you over others solving this problem? Sales: How to get prospects to know, like and trust you? You'll learn from their CEO how Salesflare stood out amoung other CRM's and actually got better reviews on G2Crowd than companies like Huspot, Pipedrive or Salesforce.

How to Expand Your Business Internationally w/ NNC Services

How to expand your tech business Internationaly ? A crash-course to getting to the new market: the good, the bad, the ugly. 5 easy steps to test the new market prior to investing in opening a business. How to assess growth opportunities accurately. What you do when your international expansion does not go as planned. How to prepare safety nets. Relevant case studies on US expansion for IT companies (success stories). What are the practical actions you can take to start expanding your business internationally?

The Story of Woodpecker From Software House to B2B SaaS w/ Woodpecker

Matt Tarczyński, CEO & Co-founder at is sharing the story how they moved from a software house to a SaaS. We will learn about How to find an idea for your SaaS project. How to find your first clients and understand the market. When is the best time to start selling your product. Why a SaaS business model is for people who dream. ICP framework - the key to success and growth. What does Customer Success really mean. The principles of product development. 

Leadership Skills in a Tech World w/ Greg Albrecht  

Greg Albrecht is Strategy & Leadership Advisor at Albrecht & Partners, Creator of Greg Albrecht Podcast. What you'll learn in the webinar: The value check. How to make sure that your company's goals and your personal goals are aligned. The unwinding project. How to take care of your wellbeing to avoid burnout and serve as a great leader. The perfect environment. What defines a good leader and why it's worth becoming a good leader. The motivation black hole. How to work with your team, so you don't kill their motivation and ideas. The self-driving company. How to grow experts into managers, so you gain time and independence. The go-to sources. Which people/books offer great advice on personal growth and leadership.

How to Remove Friction From the B2B Buying Experience? w/ Drift, Case Study UXPin

In this webinar, learn how your current B2B approach is making it more difficult for consumers to buy from you. Develop the skill to find opportunities right in front of you and how to create a better path to purchase no matter what you sell.How to create a positive buyer's experience. You're ready to make it easier for your customer to buy from you. You're convinced there's a better way. But how can you start, what's the process you need to follow? How do you make it easier to engage and qualify a website visitor at scale? In this webinar we'll give you a primer into conversational strategies that have allowed brands to double & triple conversions without hiring or advertising.

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We are MAN Digital. We train and mentor B2B SaaS & Software Houses in advanced growth marketing. Also we dive into building offers, ads, landing pages, funnels and account based markeitng to improve your overall growth. Chat with us about our programs.