Leadership Skills in a Tech World with Strategy & Leadership Advisor Greg Albrecht

Duration - 60 minutes
Greg Albrecht
Strategy & Leadership Advisor at Albrecht&Partners
Romeo Man
Managing Partner at MAN Digital

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Greg is supporting business owners with advice and mentorship with a focus on leadership and strategic business transformation. Greg is the go-to person for coaching and mentoring sessions, problem-solving workshops.

 Find out how to develop your leadership skills in a competitive tech world

What will be covered

  •  The value check. How to make sure that your company's goals and your personal goals are aligned
  • The unwinding project. How to take care of your wellbeing to avoid burnout and serve as a great leader.
  • The perfect environment. What defines a good leader and why it's worth becoming a good leader.
  •  The motivation black hole. How to work with your team, so you don't kill their motivation and ideas.
  • The self-driving company. How to grow experts into managers, so you gain time and independence.

  • The go-to sources. Which people/books offer great advice on personal growth and leadership.

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