B2B Customer Acquisition and Conversion with Bart Pielaszek

Duration - 60 minutes
Bart Pielaszek
Senior Marketing Manager at Opera Software
Romeo Man
Managing Partner at MAN Digital

Data-driven growth marketer with +560 A/B/n tests run (35% success rate) and +$5.2m media spend (positive ROI) across Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Taboola, Reddit, Apple Ads, Snapchat, and Tinder.

He gained his experience by generating business growth from Y Combinator tech startups, to SMBs, to the Fortune 500 e.g. Booking.com, Nestle, Swanky Smiles, Yara, Naughty America, Voxer, Blockspring, Privacy.com, Ladder.io.

Experienced in full-funnel digital marketing and data analysis, now focused on consulting and implementing a growth marketing strategy.

What will be covered

The 2-in-1 approach: why do acquisition and conversion have to be always considered together, and why is tracking vital?
Down with the one-fits-all strategy: how to go deeper into your market and understand your customers. How to work on a tailored experimentation process.
ICP definition and validation: answering crucial questions: TO WHOM, WHERE, WHAT to sell and mapping out your customer journey.
Experimentation: Lean Analytics Cycle

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