On-Demand Webinar: Account-Based Marketing For Technology Businesses

Approx 1h
Romeo Man
Growth Marketing Strategist for B2B Tech Companies
Tom Bonneau
Lead Nurturing, CRM & Marketing Automation Expert
Radek Zaleski
Partner at Netguru, Ex-Head of Growth

Watch the On-Demand Webinar!

Hands-on exclusive online workshop presented by MAN Digital for tech businesses.

For the time being, the B2B bread-and-butter of conferences and in-person events is pretty much on hold. Because of this, smart and adaptable companies have started leaning more on targeting specific companies with online marketing and sales programs.

At MAN Digital, we've been successfully putting together both marketing and sales programs and we've learned that just inbound or just outbound is not enough. We need a holistic and aligned approach to the B2B buying process for software development. We do this with ABM ( Account-Based Marketing)

You’ll review the step-by-step ABM approach we’ve followed at MAN Digital to deliver delightful experiences that convert happy participants into even happier customers.

There’s a lot of moving parts and a lot of debates if ABM is the right strategy.  That’s why in this webinar Romeo Man, Growth Marketing Strategist, will break it all down for you into digestible nuggets you can implement yourself.

Joining him in the conversation will be Tom Bonneau, who will lend his expertise on lead nurturing, content delivery, and post-webinar strategy.

To challenge us and share insights we've invited Radek Zaleski from Netguru. He is ex-Head of Growth and currently Partner. Netguru's growth is impressive and I am sure we have a lot to learn on how they used ABM and at what stage does ABM make sense for a tech business.

We hope you're able to take part with us!

What you'll learn 

What and Why ABM is so effective?
How To Get Started With ABM as a Small Business and How To Leverage It In A Big Organization.
Targeting, Segmenting and Engaging With Your Targeted Accounts
Tech Stack for ABM
Questions and Answers

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