Hands-on Tech Stack for Account-Based Programs Using HubSpot

Sep 15 at 12:30 CET
Approx 1h
Przemysław Orlikowski
ABM Architect & Strategist.CEO at MAN Digital
Patryk Kalinowski
Patryk Kalinowski
Head of Growth at SurvicateEx-Marketing Automation Lead at Netguru
Aleks Bozhinov - Hubspot
Aleks Bozhinov
Enterprise Sales Manager Hubspot | ex-Google

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Hands-on exclusive Tech Stack for Account-Based Programs online workshop presented by MAN Digital

In this webinar, you will learn about the tech stacks for account-based programs using Hubspot. 

This talk will be on 15th of September at 12:30 CET with Patryk Kalinowski and Przemek Orlikowski.

Patryk Kalinowski is an ex-Marketing Automation Lead at Netguru and now Head Of  Growth for Survicate. With over 7 years in marketing automation, he knows a thing or two about how HubSpot works best for technology companies. In his time at Hubspot, he worked with developer tools like APIs and HubSpot, as well as Zapier.

His expertise has helped him build up an impressive resume: which includes work with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Google Analytics. Patryk also has extensive experience with Tag Manager and Search Console.

Przemek Orlikowski is leading the client delivery team at MAN Digital, he is the main architect behind HubSpot frameworks and choosing the right tech setup to be aligned with the business goals of MAN Digital's clients.

Patryk and Przemek are the perfect matches when you want to get a hands-on workshop on HubSpot 

What you'll learn

Tech stack maturity plan
Essentials for tech stack in B2B
How to embed ABM into the current tech setup
Questions and Answers

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