How to Stand Out Among Other Software Houses? with Salesflare

Duration - 70 minutes
Jeroen Corthout
Co-founder & CEO of Salesflare
Romeo Man
Managing Partner at MAN Digital

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With a personal background in a marketing agency and in software development, Jeroen turned into a growth strategist and product mastermind.
He co-founded the most popular CRM on Product Hunt and AppSumo - Salesflare. He managed to position Salesflare among 600+ other competitors.
He started his own podcast, Founder Coffee, where he interviews founders across the globe.

For Tech Companies that struggle to position themselves in a crowded market.

What will be covered

  • Customer interviews: How to interview your customers to figure out why and how they choose you?
  • Jobs to be Done: How to figure out how to help your prospects get their "jobs" done?
  • Positioning: How to make customers prefer you over others solving this problem?

  • Sales: How to get prospects to know, like and trust you?





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