How To Do Online B2B Communication in Pandemic Times

Oct 21 at 12:30 CET
Approx 1h
Romeo Man
Founder & CRO at MAN Digital                                                                                                                                                                                             
Dr. Aleksandra Plazinic
Executive Communications Coach, Trainer & University Lecturer with a Ph.D. in Communications
Chris Koronowski
LinkedIn Consultant & Strategist

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Essential Skills for Increasing Engagements, Conversations, Leads or Attendance at Events when Communicating Virtually.

This webinar is about how to communicate online in the B2B space, connect with others and contribute to your business success in the virtual world.

The webinar will take place on 21 of October at 12:30 CET and we will have B2B practitioners like Chris, Romeo and communication experts like Aleksandra. This webinar helps you get better results from your virtual communication.

For this webinar we will have two communication experts to mystify the rules of communication.

Dr. Aleksandra holds a Ph.D. in communication, is NLP certified trainer, and has worked with the European Commission, United Nations organizations, business consultancies, and various non-profit and university organizations across the world.

Chris, is a LinkedIn communication strategist, advising B2B leaders on how to communicate online, a true practitioner of B2B sales, Lead Generation and ABM.

We deep dive into:

The science of human behaviour and how people communicate.
Communicate in virtual worlds. Be assertive and powerful.
Strengthen your writing and speaking skills.
How to be confident and have authority in the virtual world.
How to connect and make an impact in all remote settings within a virtual

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