How to Run the Perfect B2B Webinar To Drive Digital Sales

approx 1h
romeo man
Romeo Man
Growth Marketing Strategist for B2B Tech Companies
Tom Bonneau
Tom Bonneau
Lead Nurturing, CRM & Marketing Automation Expert

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Webinar Masterclass presented by MAN Digital

For the time being, the B2B bread-and-butter of conferences and in-person events is pretty much on hold. Because of this, smart and adaptable companies have started leaning more on webinars as a key lead gen strategy.

At MAN Digital, we've been successfully putting on webinars for quite awhile and are happy to share some of our best practices with you in an upcoming webinar. (Very meta, we know.)

You’ll review the step-by-step webinar approach we’ve followed at MAN Digital to deliver delightful experiences that convert happy participants into even happier customers.

From how to keep your audience engaged to a promotion plan to post-webinar strategy, there’s a lot of moving parts to keep track of. That’s why in this webinar Romeo Man, Growth Marketing Strategist, will break it all down for you into digestible nuggets you can implement yourself.

Joining him in the conversation will be Tom Bonneau, who will lend his expertise on lead nurturing, content delivery, and post-webinar strategy.

We hope you're able to take part with us!

What you'll learn 🎓

  • How to Choose a Topic & the Simple Steps to Structuring Your Presentation
  • How to Promote Your Webinar & Put Butts in the Virtual Seats
  • The One Secret Move to Use at the End of Your Webinar to InstaGenerate Sales-Ready Leads
  • Post-Webinar Strategy to Recycle Recorded Webinars & Keep The Lead Train Running
  • Plus many more technical and actionable details than we can cover here!

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