B2B Sales vs Business to Enterprise Sales. What Makes the Difference?

21st of January 12:30 PM
approx 1h
romeo man
Romeo Man
Growth Marketing Strategist for B2B Tech Companies
Kubilay Sengun
Managing Director, Insider EU & UK

Business to Enterprise is a huge and frankly mysterious topic 🔮

Most of us want to score deals with big Enterprise-level clients, but how to make it happen as a small or mid-sized tech business?

We're here to demystify B2E and offer practical tips on selling to Enterprise companies like IKEA, Samsung, and New Balance 💼

Join us for a live webinar with Kubilay Sengun, Managing Director at Insider EU & UK, to talk about B2B vs B2E.

We hope to see you there!

Agenda & Topics  🎓

  • About Kubilay & Insider
  • Selling in B2B vs B2E
  • A typical B2B sales cycle vs B2E
  • B2B vs B2E Proposals 
  • Competencies needed for a B2E sale
  • Team & resources needed for a B2E vs B2B sale

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