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The Economic Downturn: How To Prepare Your GTM Teams for 2023

60 minutes
Przemek Orlikowski
CEO at MAN Digital
Paul Pachowicz - Etteplan
Paul Pachowicz
CCSO at Etteplan
Igor Dąbrowski
Igor Dąbrowski
Head of Marketing at BinarrAps
Paweł Paluch - LiveSpace
Paweł Paluch
Head of Sales at Livespace

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Reduced market demand and spending cuts are the new normal

To thrive in a new reality, companies have to make a shift from growth at any cost to efficient growth. 

That means serious strategic revamping, leaner in-house resources, and reduced advertising budgets.

But still, business is won by offense, not a defense.

In 2023, you need to know not only how to identify ineffective GTM motions and shut them down to save money, but also how to build high-ROI programs.

But how to do that? 

Here is the live event where recognized sales and marketing leaders will show you behind the curtains how they are preparing their teams for the economic downturn.

Insights, tips, and thoughts you can leverage to boost the effectiveness of your strategies.

Join our next live webinar. 

We asked our guests about:

What are some strategies for maintaining and growing sales during an economic downturn?
How can companies adapt their marketing efforts to better align with changing consumer behavior during an economic downturn?
What are some common pitfalls to avoid when trying to grow a business during an economic downturn?

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