On-Demand RevOps Talk

Sales Planning & Forecasting
with HubSpot

45 minutes
Przemek Orlikowski
CEO at MAN Digital
Romeo Man
CRO at MAN Digital

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RevOps Talk

The ability to predict revenue is the lifeblood of your company

Let's be honest, if you don’t have an accurate forecast for the next year, you condemn your GTM teams for running around with no common goals.

You know how it ends...

Missed opportunities for revenue growth and wasted resources. Do you want to avoid this scenario, but see that your processes and infrastructure hold you back?

Here is the RevOps Talk where based on our experience with B2B Tech companies, we'll show you the root causes of poor forecasting and how to skyrocket its accuracy in your organization with RevOps. 

Practical knowledge ready to use from day one. 

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We dive deep into:

Impact of a bad forecasting
Where to look for the root causes of poor forecasting in your organization
How to improve forecasting accuracy with a RevOps framework
We will also address your specific forecasting challenges during a Q&A session

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