How to Create a Brand Positioning for B2B?

Sep 30 at 12:30 CET
Approx 1h
Romeo Man
Growth Marketing Strategist for B2B Tech Companies
George Gavrila
Director of Marketing at Survicate

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Hands-on exclusive Brand Positioning online workshop presented by MAN Digital and Survicate

This webinar is about how to make a good brand before you start with B2B marketing and sales programs. 

The webinar will take place on 30 of September at 12:30 CET and we will have B2B practitioners from Survicate and MAN Digital. We hope this webinar helps you get better results from your account-based efforts!

Survicate, the little company with a big idea, was on an ambitious mission. The company wanted to do positioning without any external agency for insights or strategy. They had seen many of their competitors hire agencies and felt they could do it themselves. This would save money but also give them more control over what they were saying about their product.

They started by getting together as a team to brainstorm how to position their product in 2020-2021 without an outside agency. In this webinar, Survicate will talk about how they did this, why it is important, and if you should do something similar with your company.

What you'll learn

Why Positioning before ABM?
How to do Positioning?
Practical Examples of how Survicate did Positioning
BONUS: A list of books and resources to learn more about Positioning.
Questions and Answers

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