Strategic Stories to Close B2B Deals in Tech with NewSpark

Duration - 70 minutes
Yonatan Kagansky
Expert in Strategic Business Stories and Brand Narratives
Romeo Man
Growth Marketing Strategist for B2B Tech Companies

NewSpark is a power group of star marketing professionals from the Israeli high-tech scene. They help tech companies become effective when reaching out to clients, business partners, investors, etc. They do it by all means necessary — from creating remarkable online and offline presence and branding to advertising and sales. They're mainly from the Israeli startup scene, and they work with companies from all over the world. They specialize in introducing innovative technologies and services to their target markets. It isn't as much about technology or markets, as it is about telling good and vivid stories to people.

After this webinar, you will surely grasp the basics behind suitably narrating a well-written story and closing your deal. If you're in B2B, you will know exactly how important a good story is, for hitting the bull's eye, and with this webinar, you will know the fundamentals of building that story. 

What will be covered

The elements and the structure of a well-written story
Tips on execution and narration.
How to close the deal efficiently

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