Ask Us Anything, B2B Marketing Webinar For Technology Businesses

approx 1h
romeo man
Romeo Man
Growth Marketing Strategist for B2B Tech Companies
Tom Bonneau
Tom Bonneau
Lead Nurturing, CRM & Marketing Automation Expert
Przemek bw
Przemek Orlikowski
Chief Operating Officer at MAN Digital
Yulia bw-1
Yulia Miashkova
Content Marketer at MAN Digital

Ask Us Anything B2B Marketing Webinar presented by MAN Digital for tech businesses. A special 🎄Christmas edition.

At MAN Digital, we've been successfully putting together both marketing and sales programs, and we've learned that just inbound or just outbound is not enough. We need a holistic and aligned approach to the B2B buying process for tech businesses. 

There are a lot of moving parts and a lot of debates on B2B Marketing.

In this webinar, Tom, Przemek, Romeo, and Yulia are bringing on the table for a 1 hour FIRE 🔥 talk on B2B Marketing with some holiday vibe. With 🍪 🍷and hopefully some 🎁. 

We hope you're able to take part with us!

Agenda & Topics  🎓

  • Key trends in B2B Marketing
  • Outbound vs. Inbound
  • Content marketing for Tech Businesses
  • Getting to know your audience
  • Tech stack for reaching out to buyers
  • Making it big as a small Tech company
  • Biggest learnings of 2020

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