How to Remove Friction From the B2B Buying Experience? with Drift, Case Study UXPin

Duration - 60 minutes
Seamus McGrath
Senior Partner Sales Manager at Drift
Romeo Man
Managing Partner at MAN Digital
George Gavrila
Head of Marketing at UXPin              

Seamus is changing the way businesses buy from businesses. Formerly at Hubspot Enterprise now at Drift he knows the in's and outs of how businesses buy tech services and products.

George did B2B Sales and Marketing at element14, G2A and Codewise. In this webinar, he will explain How UXPin used Drift to double overnight the number of meeting booked for Sales

Find out how to remove friction in the B2B buying process. Details below.

What will be covered

How to develop a better understanding. Consumer preferences are always changing. In this webinar, learn how your current B2B approach is making it more difficult for consumers to buy from you. Develop the skill to find opportunities right in front of you and how to create a better path to purchase no matter what you sell.
How to create a positive buyer's experience. You're ready to make it easier for your customer to buy from you. You're convinced there's a better way. But how can you start, what's the process you need to follow? How do you make it easier to engage and qualify a website visitor at scale? In this webinar we'll give you a primer into conversational strategies that have allowed brands to double & triple conversions without hiring or advertising.
How to create the Conversational Marketing Blueprint. Plain and simple, you need a plan. By breaking down the who (audience), where (website page) & source (buyer journey) you'll be able to easily create conversations that are relevant to each visitors.
Choose your go-to-market. Now that we're engaging with 2 - 3x more site visitors, we'll need to point them to a bot or a human (preferably an account executive). You'll notice a shorter sales cycle and faster lead to a response by focusing on the customers that have the highest intent to purchase.
How to create a delightful experience. Cost of acquiring a new customer is climbing and conversion rates are declining. Why? We hate being marketed and sold to. B2B marketers are still using the same tactics that worked 5 - 10 years ago. Consumers are different now. They hold all the power. In this webinar, learn how to meet your buyers on their terms and make it easy for them to purchase.
How to find clients fast. Ever wonder where your best leads are? They're on your website right now! Want to create the fastest path from interest to negotiation or purchase? The conversation is the key. Remove the hoops your customers need to jump through and focus on your best buyers NOW.
Case study about UXPIN

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