Poor outbound hurts your brand!

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- How to improve outbound effectiveness in times when people are ignoring outreach

- How to make outbound more aligned with modern buying behaviors
- What are the ways to make outbound truly relevant and meaningful


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Przemysław Orlikowski

Chief Executive Officer of MAN Digital

Transforming businesses into fast-growth companies through strategic clarity and operational excellence.

Arek-photo (1)

Arek Piątek

Demand Generations & RevOps Evangelist
Helping B2B companies drive revenue with Demand Generation Programs & RevOps.
Piotr - Cloudflight

Piotr Filip Smereka

Global Head of Sales in Cloudflight

Seasoned international manager specializing in E-commerce, Digital, and DTC. Handled accounts for clients such as Coty and P&G, managing global services across multiple locations.

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