Live RevOps Webinar Series

How to ramp up your SDR operations to support account-based programs?

Sep 29th at 12:30 PM CET
1.5 hours
Romeo Man
CRO @ MAN Digital
Przemek Orlikowski
CEO at MAN Digital

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We build pre-sales operations together - no more listen-only mode.

Here's the deal, I know you tried cold outreach, calls, social selling, and many outreach emails your company.

But somehow, the results were not what you wanted them to be.

You want to improve SDR outreach but don't know what can be the next things to do.

We've done a lot of SDR as a service for our internal activities, with failures and successes. Here is the webinar where we show you behind the curtains and build for you LIVE an SDR Ops setup. An MVP is one that you can take and explore and implement later on in your organization.

Here is the process:

  • We prospect our targeted accounts and buying personas
  • We do a deep dive into SDR tools and tech stack (free & paid)
  • We research the accounts and personas to find personalization aspects.
  • We build SDR outreach sequences step by step.
  • We set up a reporting system for our SDRs

You will get templates that you can use.

 You'll see our f***-ups and our successes. I'll walk you through all the details.

Join us for our next webinar at 12:30 CET (Warsaw time).

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We will deep dive into:

SEP (sales engagement platforms)
Account and buying committee research
Tracking and reporting

Let’s talk about your business