Hands-on Tech Marketing, Sales & Branding Insights with Marcos Bravo from Live Chat

Duration - 60 minutes
Marcos Bravo
Marketing Evangelist and Brand Ambassador at Live Chat
Romeo Man
Managing Partner at MAN Digital

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The marketing evangelist and brand ambassador of LiveChat joined us to teach us not only how LiveChat grew into one of the most successful startups in Poland  but also how he helped software houses as Divante and Tooploox grow to where they are today. Marcos has a massive experience that needs to be squeezed of know-hows!

Marcos is a veteran Marketing and Brand expert with over 20 years of experience in many industries. Skilled in Customer engagement, Marketing Management, Brand Building, Content Strategy, and Sales.

He is also a Marketing Mentor in the CEE region and LATAM.

What will be covered

  • Differentiation in tech B2B. To go all-in or to specialize in a vertical...or technology? How to assess product-market fit, how to find your unique selling point?
  • Innovations in B2B digital marketing strategiesWhat kind of strategies are now starting to wear off, what will the future bring? 
  • Personal branding in B2B. Is this a "nice to have" or a "must"?
  • The future of sales in a contactless world. Business events are now being disrupted, what will replace them?  

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