Account-Based Marketing for Tech Businesses: How to Identify, Segment, List, and Engage Target Accounts

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a growth strategy built around Target Accounts - best-fit companies for your offer. In this ebook, we break down the process of identifying, segmenting, listing, and engaging with ABM Target Accounts in a way that makes them convert.

At MAN Digital, we were able to generate over 228 qualified leads for our agency services by purely focusing on target accounts.


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ABM Guide 2021 Ebook

What’s inside?

Inbound or outbound — that is the question.

As an outbound strategy, ABM beats lead generation both in terms of acquisition costs (-40%) and win rate (+285%). 

97% of marketers achieve higher ROI with ABM than any other approach. Why? Because Account-Based Marketing is all about personalization and laser-sharp focus.

ABM Ebook 2021

These are the topics we cover in the ebook:

  • What Makes ABM so Effective for Tech Businesses?
  • Account-Based Marketing in B2B
  • Market & Customer Segmentation
  • Ideal Customer Profile
  • Target Account Listing & Prospecting
  • ABM Buyer Personas
  • Topics & Messaging Map
  • ABM Engagement Campaign Schedule