How To Create a Minimum Viable Customer? Learn with Unbounce

Duration - 60 minutes
Stephen Miller
Account Executive EMEA at Unbounce.com
Romeo Man
Managing Partner at MAN Digital

Stephen is an expert in developing new markets and helped Unbounce start and grow their European office. He understands complex B2B business needs and helps develop solutions to improve marketing and landing page performance. His experience of working in Europe, Asia, and Africa allows him to recognize global needs and turn them into new opportunities.

Find out how to design your minimum viable customer.

What will be covered

When running a business (subscription or not), your first priority is making sure you are the potential customer’s first choice.
Your second priority is to retain these customers for as long as possible by implementing continued value.
Give your sales team the opportunity to prove your business’s initial value by making sure new customers get as much support as possible.
Most importantly, learn the benefits of expanding your sales activities past the initial sale to create a Minimum Viable Customer (MVC).

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