Not yet another webinar.

Build account based programs live with practitioners.

Next: April 29th at 12:30 PM CET
Last friday of the quarter.
Romeo Man
CRO at MAN Digital
Special Guest
Special Guests
MAN Digital's Friends and Partners /w Case Studies
Przemek Orlikowski
CEO at MAN Digital

Save your Seat for the Live Webinar

We build account based programs together - no more listen only mode.

Here's the deal, I know you tried cold outreach, calls, social selling, and a bunch of outreach emails. Ultimately you're selling technology, and the Martech guys told you to make more e-books, generate more MQL, SQL, and demos to grow.

Is that the most effective way? I doubt it, as they have their agenda.

The thing is, they just try to make you have more irrelevant contacts, so you pay for it. They don't care that much about your sales velocity.

You might wonder. So what's our agenda? Let's be honest, I want you to learn more about account based programs (selling, marketing), test it out, run it, and when you decide it works, you call us. You might just want to experiment based on the results and failures we show you.

We'll build ABX programs together.

Here is the process:

  • We bring in ABX practioners
  • You bring in a use case 
  • We are vote the use case 
  • We build one ABX program

 You'll see our f***-ups and our successes. I'll walk you over all the details. Plays, strategies, content pieces, tools we use, and processes we use.

For now we have 3 dates:

  • April 29
  • June 29
  • Oct 28

All at 12:30 CET (Warsaw time).

We will run these workshops, all live with interactions. If they go well, we might do a live offline event in Warsaw in November.

We will deep dive into:

Learn how to set up an account based selling campaigns.
Get frameworks, workflows and templates
Power-tips to make every tech stack you use is more effective.
Live Programs Critiques

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