The Growth Marketing Secrets of Top European Software Houses - Poland Edition 2020

All secrets aside: revealing the growth tactics of 13 successful Polish software companies. 13 case studies filled with marketing hacks, content marketing strategies, conversion rate optimization examples, marketing automation, and employer branding stories.

Companies Included in the Ebook:

What’s this about?

A comprehensive 500-page ebook dissecting all the aspects of growth marketing, and employer branding of 13 top software houses in Poland. Deloitte, Forbes, Clutch, and Financial Times awarded companies included in the ebook.

You’ll find out stories about how:

1. Poznan, Wroclaw, Warsaw, and Krakow evolved into strong IT hubs

2. Netguru grew its revenue by 644% in the last 3 years

3. Monterail developed a top-notch inbound marketing campaign that earned them EUR 750k worth contracts

4. These companies managed to impress Disney, Nestle, Unilever, Continental, ING Bank, Tchibo, Intersport, Santander, T-Mobile
5. To be a 100% remote tech company and land amazing IT projects

6. Designing your own conference can have a huge impact on your branding strategy

7. You can have a first-class employer branding strategy

8. Developing your own product is a must to have a competitive edge

9. To develop your own spectacular content marketing strategy

About the Authors:

Romeo Man 

Managing Partner, MAN Digital 

Sales by heart in a marketing body. Worked with software houses, B2B SaaS businesses, travel tech, medical and e-commerce. Mentoring startups at Google Launchpad and Hub:raum. Worked in various international organizations, like DHL, Electrolux, and Element14, getting involved in organization development and process building.  

Alina Belașcu

Growth Strategist, MAN Digital

A passionate marketer, always learning new stuff, from front-end to statistics, to CRO and psychology, because, in the end, in the land of marketing, everything connects.

7 years of digital marketing in the software and travel verticals, with markets ranging from the US, to France, Brazil, Italy and many more.

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